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The total surface area - 278 km ², the volume of fresh water 2.4 km ³, length 28 km, width of 18 km. The average depth of 8.6 m and a maximum of about 14 m of the lake basin is of tectonic origin. Lakeside - the low, slightly indented coastline, swampy in places overgrown with reeds. The lake fed by small streams and rivers with glaciers, the river follows a Sonkel - flowing right into the Naryn River (the river). Freeze on the lake observed from late September to late May.
Flora and fauna: They live valuable fish species, such as peled, as well as rare breeds of carp with a very limited habitat (eg, Diptychussewerzowi). Lake - an important point for migrating waterfowl, such as the demoiselle, mountain goose, black stork and the black-headed gull.
Vozmozhendayving on Sonkul. The lake has a normal dirt road. Entrances to the beach is almost along the entire perimeter of the lake. Interest in diving lake is that it is higher than 3000 m above sea level. And this is an extreme diving. At this altitude, and breathe in a different way, even a simple walk around the neighborhood is not given easily. In addition, once we dived Sonkul with svoeyespeditsiey. This means that the pond was not studied, and is fraught with many secrets.

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