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August - the Earth Kokand Museum: Monument 80 years

The museum Kokand was organized in 1925. His collection consists of more than 37,000 artifacts units. Among them, the work of decorative-applied art, historical documents and manuscripts.

Special ranks of art, including paintings, presenting the classic Italian School, Dutch. In the museum there are many beautiful works, including the XV-XVIII century, originals and copies of sculptures. Also in the museum of the Kokand workers Gafur Guljam name Hamza House Museum, the Museum Mukimi.

The Jami mosque in Chorsu in Kokand

Jami Mosque Chorsu present decoration of Kokand area. Citizens can not present the city without this great mosque. This seemes it was always on this page. In fact, in the historical record, the IX-XII centuries, there are mentions of the mosque in Kokand, who was at the same place on Chorsu area. But was destroyed during the Mongol invasion of Jami Mosque, also the whole city.

However, this mosque was built in the nineteenth century. In 1805 Kokand Olimhan have begun to build the mosque, but the construction was stopped: rose gathered in the upper mosques against the construction of the mosque in every country in the media at the expense of the efforts of ordinary people. And illustrated and Kokandsky human only in 1814, Governor Khanate - has Umarhan (brother Olimhana) resumed construction of the Jami Mosque. He has the talented architects invited Tjube Hooray for construction supervision. He was more than 200 talented developers under his leadership. Two years later, the Jami Mosque was built. That was really monumental building. The glory of the dispersive beauty is far from the borders of Kokand.